Ahrvo Coin, ComplyDAO, and Ahrvo Identity Oracle

DAO managed compliance network with Identity Oracle that rewards users for their data


Identity, Document, Transaction!

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Global Utility and Liquidity

Ahrvo Coin (RVO) is the utility token of the Ahrvo Network. Ahrvo Coin was minted on the Ethereum Network in Jan-31-2019. However, given the lack of clarity on security vs. utility tokens, and the near certainty that Ahrvo Coin would become security in the U.S. is used to build the Ahrvo Network, we opted to shelf a token raise and bootstrapped development over the next 24 months. Now that the Ahrvo Network is LIVE, we will be launching Ahrvo Coin on various EVM compatible DEXs, and global CEXs, to provide multiple venues for accessing liquidity for the Network’s utility token. Ahrvo Coin has many purposes within the Network serving as a discount, reward, payment, governance, and access mechanism for the multitude of services offered by Ahrvo.

Community Identity Registar and Oracle

The Ahrvo Network has a decentralized identity registar that serves as the on-chain validator for NFT IDs. Depending on the results of the KYC and subsequent NFT ID information, users are grouped and classified into various levels of riskiness, based on the parameters set up by the ComplyDAO. Each member of the ComplyDAO must have an Ahrvo NFT ID, and hold (stake) a certain number of tokens. Proposals can be made with a certain amount of Ahrvo Coin while voting on proposals and reaching a quorum are also facilitated via Ahrvo Coin. Depending on the number of Ahrvo Coin staked, members have the ability to run a node of Ahrvo Identity Oracle. The Identity Oracle hosts anonymized/encrypted on-chain information tied to the NFT ID smart contracts on the various chains NFT ID is directly deployed. This provides a decentralized way for on-chain and off-chain identity validation via API.