Enabling Portable Intelligent Identity, Document, and Transaction Management


Identity, Document, Transaction!

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One-Click KYC™

Ahrvo’s NFT ID™ is the first portable identity, document, and transaction system that leverages reusable biometric-enabled KYC/AML compliance technology in a decentralized way. Individuals and businesses complete KYC/KYB onboardings. After completing the onboarding process – verifying their identities, users may port their identity to 100+ blockchains  with on-chain data being stored in a fully- anonymized nature. Enabling them to manage and control identities for usage by 3rd party centralized and decentralized applications. Since data is anonymized, it cannot be tied to Ahrvo Comply systems once ported. 

NFT ID™ gives people and businesses control and access to their encrypted sensitive data anywhere in the world. Linking documents and transaction data/credentials stored in a decentralized cloud to verified identities. Unlike existing “decentralized identity” solutions, users must complete a comprehensive KYC/KYB. Ahrvo’s is the only identity network that conducts the onboarding and client lifecycle management and serves as the blockchain protocol for porting those identities once verified.

Blockchain Agnostic Portable Digital Identities

NFT ID™ can sync on-chain or off-chain documents and transaction data to verify user identities. Fiat and crypto transactions, NFTs metadata, health records, tax records, certifications, payment mechanism – all encrypted and at your disposal, anywhere. Control, manage and share data with any decentralized or centralized institution you choose and get rewarded for. NFT ID bridges the privacy, control, interoperability, and portability gap that has held digital identities back for years.

NFT ID Identity, Document, and Transaction data and metadata routed to and from Ahrvo NFT ID™ is stored in IPFS for decentralized access and control of data. With the release of Ahrvo NFT ID, we have given web3.0 native companies, platforms, Dapps, and protocols a way of implementing KYC/AML without abandoning the core ethos of crypto.