NFT Debit Cards™

Ahrvo Network provides secure and real-world payment use cases via NFTs


Identity, Document, Transaction!

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Portable and Interoperable NFT Debit Cards

Sync your virtual or physical debit card Ahrvo Network debit card with your NFT Debit card for on-chain and off-chain payments. Ahrvo Labs is the first company to provide an on-chain and off-chain debit card that reconciles on-chain and off-chain transactions and balances in real-time. Users may add to the balance of their prepaid (NFT) debit card in order to make payments on-chain or off-chain. NFT Debit card details are stored on-chain and in decentralized clouds in fully-encrypted encrypted manner. Users may make on-chain and off-chain payments via QR codes and links. 

Patent Pending Payment Products

Virtual, Physical, and NFT Debit cards may be funded using the fiat or crypto gateways of the network. To facilitate on-chain payments, the balance of a user’s debit card is minted in rUSD – the multi-chain stable coin of the Ahrvo Network. Users may pick any network that Ahrvo’s stable coin is live on, which at first will only be EVM compatible networks. Before any on-chain or off-chain transaction is executed, the balance of the user’s debit card is captured, adjusting the stable coins (or traditional fiat) that may be used for transacting. In this way, users can quickly transact by having on-chain and off-chain balances update and reconcile, bridging the payment gap between blockchain (crypto) economies and the fiat (traditional) economy.