General FAQs

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Ahrvo Comply provides: Identity Management, Document Management, Transaction Management, and Data Management.  Chat to a sales person. Sales Chat  
 Yes. We provide UBO information for over 250 million companies across 200+ countries and territories.
Ahrvo Comply provides document verification for over 5,000 IDs across 200+ countries and territories. ID types we cover include passports, identity cards, residential permits, driver’s licenses, visas, among others.
Crypto, Investment Firms, Real Estate, Brokerages, Banking, Gaming, among others. 
Public Cloud, native configuration on AWS.   
Yes, RESTful API.  Full API documentation is provided and technical support staff is available when needed.
Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. 
Yes, audit trails and customer data are retained to meet regulatory requirements across various industries and can be viewed or downloaded from the admin dashboard or fetch via RESTful API. 
Ahrvo Comply’s parent company is GPDR and ISO2700 complaint.
Yes, please talk to a salesperson to discuss what option is best for your business. If you are a Startup, you may be eligible for our Start-Up Program that enables you to use our services free. Talk with our sales team. Sales Chat  
There is a Product video link to video or book a Demo with a salesperson.
Yes, we have a range of pricing options to meet your requirements. 
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in greater detail. 
Ahrvo Comply’s parent company is GPDR and ISO2700 complaint.
Yes, the Ahrvo Comply support team is available to provide assistance throughout the integration process.
Yes, the Ahrvo Comply Support Team does provide 24 X 7 operational support.