Business Merchant Accounts for High-Risk Markets

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Identity and Payment go hand-in-hand

Ahrvo Pay enables businesses in high-risk industries like blockchain (cryptocurrencies) to open merchant accounts to enable global payment processing at the most competitive rates in the industry. Ahrvo has cemented solid partnerships with publicly traded payments companies, that enable Ahrvo to onboard merchants and pick the payment processing rates that they receive. If a business currently has a merchant account, Ahrvo will pay for you to switch processors. In as little as 24 hours, merchants can get approved for Ahrvo Pay accounts and begin processing credit, debit, and ACH transactions globally. 

Ahrvo Pay provides a dynamic and real-time platform for tracking customers, invoices, subscriptions, and payments. Furthermore, the Ahrvo Pay platform provides the necessary infrastructure for one-click payments, contactless payments, QR code payments, and link-based payments that may be sent via email or text. This no-code approach allows for high-risk markets to quickly create checkout pages that are PCI-DSS compliant for their launch pads, NFT marketplaces, gaming, or gambling applications. Ahrvo Pay’s one-click checkout solutions can be synchronized with NFT ID and NFT Debit cards. Preferring also processor agnostic approach, Ahrvo Pay integrates with 135+ different gateways. Thus allowing merchants to utilize our one-click checkout solution, irrespective of whether they use Ahrvo Pay or our partners for payment processing.