Biometric-enabled Super Wallet

Manage your identity credentials, trade digital assets, make payments


Identity, Document, Transaction!

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Ahrvo Network Wallet

Ahrvo Wallet is a digital wallet that enables access to identity, documents, and transactions stored on-chain and/or decentralized cloud in an easy and convenient self-custody wallet where users are in complete control of their private keys. Allow for managing all your assets and credentials from your local device. – biometrics, personal credentials, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DEX and CEX trading on 100+ venues, fiat payments across 30+ countries and territories, crypto payment gateways, and much more. The wallet comes with the ability to create a virtual or physical Ahrvo debit card that can be tied to your self–custodied wallet and NFT ID. Make contactless payments via QR codes, and even create an NFT debit card that replicates your balance in our native stable coin, for on-chain and off-chain payments. 

Centralized and Decentralized Use-Cases

Ahrvo makes it safe & easy for you to buy, store, send, receive and swap digital assets, documents, and credentials. Ahrvo’s Wallet is integrated with 100+ Centralized and Decentralized exchanges for maximum liquidity options. Ahrvo Wallet is the best wallet for exploring and interacting with various apps directly and securely. Ahrvo utilizes a bank-grade (AES-256) security infrastructure for storing your favorite. Ahrvo Labs provides a white-labeled custodied version for centralized entities looking to offer the wallet via SDK to their clients while maintaining control of the private keys.