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Enabling Intelligent Identity, Document, and Transaction Management


Identity, Document, Transaction!

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Integrated Compliance Solutions

Ahrvo Comply enables centralized and decentralized entities to streamline onboarding and lifecycle management via automated biometric and ID verification. Ahrvo utilizes liveness testing and anti-spoofing techniques to ensure users being onboarded are genuine. Ahrvo’s robust database covers 5,000+ IDs from more than 200 countries. Furthermore, Ahrvo Comply’s comprehensive database covers international and domestic watchlists/sanction lists, politically exposed persons (PEP), ultimate beneficial owners (UBO), among others.

Ahrvo Comply has four main pillars – Identity Management (Know Your Customer, Know Your Business, Anti-Money Laundering), Document Management (Document OCR, File Sharing, E-Signature, PDF Editor, Word), Transaction Management (Fiat & Crypto Transaction Monitoring/Screening, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Anomaly Detection, Travel Rule Compliance), Data Management (Smart Contracts, Decentralized Clouds, Blockchains).

Overview Services

Ahrvo Comply is the first and only compliance company offering identity, document, and transaction management in one integrated solution. As a result, Ahrvo Comply provides a comprehensive audit of all actions and provides geolocation/device tracking. This removes the need for manual data reconciliation. 10+ compliance and business solutions, in one solution. Traditionally, you would need to purchase between 8-10 different solutions to get all of the features available through Ahrvo Comply.