NFT ID™ (patent-pending) serves as the centerpiece of the Ahrvo Network’s Portable Identity, Document, Transaction, and Data Management Protocol. Enabling individuals, businesses, and governments to port on-chain and off-chain onboarding and client lifecycle management data by reusing their identity across hundreds of blockchains and off-chain. The Ahrvo Network is a multi-chain and blockchain agnostic, identity layer that the cryptocurrency space requires while remaining committed to the ethos the industry was built on.

Portable Identity Management

Ahrvo’s One-Click KYC™ is powered by NFT ID™, enabling the porting of biometric and identity data for on-chain and off-chain usage. The Ahrvo Network utilizes a Proof-of-Process consensus algorithm, that empowers users to verify themselves using zk-proofs, allowing the industry to be FATF compliant.

Portable Document Management

Documents like personal and business records, credentials, and designations, may be linked to individual or business identities, via IPFS, providing a decentralized hosting for data continuing and integrity. NFT ID™ may serve as an authentication mechanism for accessing documents.

Portable Transaction Management

The Ahrvo Network facilitates the execution, monitoring, screening, and reporting, of crypto and fiat transactions. The Network’s patent-pending inventions include NFT Debit Cards™ and NFT Credit Cards™; multi-chain stablecoins synched fiat accounts, and the industry-leading processing rates and Merchant accounts for crypto companies and other High-Risk Industries.

Partnering to Power More Than 50,000 Companies Across The Globe

Identity, Document, and Transaction Management

Ahrvo Network is focused on providing onboarding and client lifecycle systems for verified individuals, businesses, and governments to sync on-chain and off-chain identity, documents, and transactions, for decentralized and global storage, and enhanced data persistence, availability, privacy, and access controls.

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FATF Compliant Decentralized Identity Credentials For Individuals and Business

Build-in stealth mode over 24 months, the Ahrvo Network provides decentralized onboarding and client lifecycle systems for verified individuals, businesses, and governments to sync on-chain and off-chain identity, documents, and transactions; data, metadata, and credentials, for decentralized and global storage, enhanced data persistence, availability, privacy, and access controls.

Blockchain (Wallet) Agnostic

Blockchain (Wallet) Agnostic

Link your verified but anonymous identity (KYC/KYB) to multiple (any) wallet(s) when minting your NFT ID™ across 100+ blockchains. Ahrvo Network works with well-known and trusted wallets like Wallet Connect and MetaMask, enabling you to quickly synchronize your identity and transactions in a fully anonymized manner. KYC/AML conducted by Ahrvo Comply cannot be tied back to our systems without recreating the salt and hashed information.

On-chain and Off-chain Interoperability

On-chain and Off-chain Interoperability

Identities can be verified on-chain via zk-proofs. DeFi and CeFi projects may search NFT ID™ contracts addresses by NFT UUID and request that users authenticate themselves. In addition, the Ahrvo Network also provides the information in IPFS via QR code or through its Chainlink Oracle, thus enabling both on-chain and off-chain 3rd parties to query information via API for identity verification. Users are rewarded via RVO coin whenever their identity is verified.

The Identity Protocol of the People

Ahrvo Foundation and Community Driven DAO

The Ahrvo Labs Foundation’s mission is to serve as a FATF compliant decentralized protocol that enables anyone, anywhere, to manage, own, and control their identity, document, and transaction information. The ComplyDAO will manage the official Identity Registar for the Ahrvo Network. RVO coin serves as a reward token, access, voting mechanism, provides discounts, among others. 60% of the RVO token, which has been on Ethereum since January 2019, will be held by the Ahrvo Labs Foundation and makes its way into public hands over time to spur full decentralization of the network.

Compatible with 100 +

Compatible blockchains

1,000,000,000 +

NFT IDs minted by 2030

100 %

Data Persistence and Uptime

200 Countries +

Global ID Coverage

What We Offer

Ahrvo Network Services
Ahrvo Comply Solutions

Ahrvo Comply Solutions

Ahrvo Comply provides the onboarding and client lifecycle infrastructure for the Ahrvo Network and NFT ID to port identity, document, and transaction information. Ahrvo Comply is leveraged by CeFi and DeFi entities of varying sizes and complexities across the globe.



Powered by NFT ID™, the Ahrvo Network is a blockchain (wallet) agnostic (patent-pending) identity protocol empowering anyone, anywhere, to securely port, reuse, and manage identities, documents, and transactions. NFT ID™ gives NFTs real world and enables One-Click KYC™ and payments.

Biometric Super Wallet

Biometric Super Wallet

Ahrvo Labs provides CeFi (custody) and DeFi (self-custody) wallets and SDKs for iOS and Android. The Ahrvo Wallet supports 60+ blockchains, trading on 100+ CEXs and DEXs, Crypto and Fiat Payment Gateways. Users can link their NFT ID to their digital wallet.

NFT Debit and Credit Cards™

NFT Debit and Credit Cards™

Ahrvo’s patent-pending NFT Debit and Credit cards drive the payment layer of Ahrvo’s Networks protocol. NFT Debit and Credit cards enable users to sync fiat accounts and cards to their NFT Debit or Credit cards to execute transactions on-chain via rUSD - the multi-chain stablecoin.

Business Merchant Accounts

Business Merchant Accounts

Ahrvo Labs provides high risk companies in gaming, gambling, crypto, etc. merchant accounts that enable debit and credit card transactions to be processed at industry leading rates. Companies can get merchant accounts open in as little as two hours.

Identity Oracle and ComplyDAO

Identity Oracle and ComplyDAO

Allowing the Ahrvo community to manage consensus around the protocol and DAO Treasury. We store your information via IPFS and Filecoin, linking them to your verified Ahrvo NFT ID. 60% of RVO tokens will be controlled by the foundation and make its way into secondary markets over time.

RVO Utility Token Distribution

All RVO Tokens (ex- Team/Advisor/Founder) will be moved to the Ahrvo Labs Foundation prior to the RVO token launch


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The first portable identity, document, and transaction management protocol powered by biometrics, artificial intelligence, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized storage, ushering in an era of Web 3.0 regulatory compliance while sticking to the core ethos of Crypto. 

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